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Monthly Executive Report

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Monthly Executive Report
Cimpl creates a detailed cost and savings breakdown – every month

The way you use your assets and services constantly change, and using managed services to keeptrack of that change is one thing, but it’s the reports that will give you the clear picture of all your usage and cost information. Your reports need to be customizable to answer your needs and to give you insight on what is most important to you: your IT and Telecom assets inventory, costs and usage.

The Monthly Executive Report is designed to provide decision-makers with monthly highlights on savings – both actual and potential. It offers an extensive compilation of graphics and reports with expert recommendations based on an analysis of the cost and usage. The report has five major sections with many sub-reports that give an extensive breakdown of the monthly data. It includes:

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Inventory &
Cost Summary


Invoice and contract management-1.png

Identified Inventory
& Cost Anomalies


Asset 10EN.png

Top 20 
Services & Cost

Asset 22EN.png

Current &
Potential Savings

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Account Overview

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