2015 was a milestone year for Etelesolv as it marked its 15th year in business. We have a lot to celebrate and an exciting announcement to share. Before we unveil the news, it would be great to take a stroll back in time. Where did Etelesolv all begin and where is it today?

Etelesolv was founded by Christopher Thierry back in 2000 as an eCommerce design firm. As the company created online portals for companies to order mobile phones, it discovered that there was a bigger problem, enterprises did not have the tools in hand to manage the devices and costs of using the mobile services. From that point on, Etelesolv was launched into the world of Telecom Expense Management which we commonly like to call TEM.

Etelesolv has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We are leading a revolution in telecom, IT and cloud expense management. We have received multiple awards in the last years, and we are now ranked amongst the great SaaS enterprises of our time. Quite an accomplishment for a Montreal-based company.

Wow! Fifteen years, we are so proud of what we’ve accomplished and we are looking forward to more great years ahead. Since the introduction of the company’s Core Values in 2012, our company culture has strengthened and matured. It has aligned everyone in the company in the way we conduct business, how we treat each other, and how we care for our customers. The company has never been in a better position.

So today, January 25th, 2016, we are starting the year with a very important milestone for the company...

We are changing our name to


Our whole company – from research and development to customer success to sales and marketing – will be focused on Cimpl. This makes it an exciting year for not only us, but our customers as well. Cimpl will continue to be the solution enterprises rely on to manage all of their telecom, mobile, cloud, IT, IoT and M2M expenses.

The only true impact this name change has on our partners, customers, and our audience is that it will now be much easier to spell, write and remember our name. Everything else basically stays the same, the links to our product, our phone numbers, and mailing address remain unchanged. As of today, you can start using our new email addresses (don’t worry the old ones still work) and accessing our website with the new URL. You’ll start seeing some changes over the course of the next weeks and months as we rebrand all of our images, social media accounts and directory listings to Cimpl. Here is a summary list of the changes that have taken place:

Changes Dates Status
Website URL January 15, 2016 Completed    
Internal Launch January 15, 2016 Completed    
Webpage explaining the change January 22, 2016 Completed    
Customer and Partner Communications January 25, 2016 Completed    
Public Communication January 25, 2016 Completed    
Email Change January 25, 2016  Completed    

With this change, we also renew our commitment to providing the best product. Our branding will be unified across everything. Cimpl on the web, Cimpl via email, Cimpl on social, and Cimpl wherever it makes sense. We are all dedicated to improving Cimpl, extending its reach, expanding its features, providing premium service, and making sure our customers get the best solution.

Our first fifteen years have gone by fast, and with our re-alignment to Cimpl, the future looks even better. We are ready. We have a lot of announcements fired up for you in 2016.

Visit our website and have a look around. If you are not a Cimpl customer yet, we’d love to hear from you. If you are already a partner or customer, or maybe both, we thank you for your vote of confidence and for being part of the family.

We are here for you. Thank you from everyone at Cimpl.


Christopher Thierry
Founder and President, Cimpl

Here are some of the milestones throughout the years:



  • Launched TeleManager



  • Launched a new Website as well as started actively participating on Social Media channels.







FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted your decision to rename the company Cimpl?

The name Cimpl was originally launched for our new product. It caught on, and our customers gave us great feedback on the name.  It is easily pronounced, it is recognizable in the French and in the English language, and many other ones as well. We’ve been called Etelesolv for the last 15 years, and we’ve come to appreciate that it is not an easy name to spell and pronounce. We even wrote an article about the different ways the name has been misspelled or mispronounced (Etelesolv - Solving Telecom Electronically). It was quite funny. As we grow, it was time to take on a bold identity about who we are. Cimpl is the name that better represents and aligns with what we offer our customers. We offer them a solution that helps them easily (not to say simply) manage their IT, Telecom and cloud expenses.

Where did it all begin?

It all started 15 years ago. From humble beginnings in telecom/expense management, our vision of the future grew by helping companies answer some basic questions about their expenses. “What do people have?” “What does it cost?” and “Do they still need it?”

As ideas became solutions and inspiration gave way to execution, we started taking on an even bigger challenge. That challenge, which we call our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), was to ask those questions to the entire company and expand our reach to every asset or cost that links to an employee. This open conversation with our customers led to some groundbreaking practices and large scale automation, completely changing the way our clients think of telecom and IT management. Through this we added the management of cloud applications as well as software, we know help companies manage over 150 different service categories.

Helping free companies from their dependence on manual processes, legacy systems, old ways of thinking which continue to be a huge IT challenge across all verticals. And Cimpl is the name that will continue to carry the vision that stemmed from Canadian soil to around the globe. 

What should we expect from the rebranding in the next few weeks?

We had already started 2 years ago rebranding our new product, our documents, our business cards and our website. So we are basically in the final stages. So now we will no longer be using the Cimpl logo by Etelesolv, it will now only be Cimpl.  For more information you can refer to our website, which lists the current changes and the timeline for the other to be completed.

How will that impact your current customers?

The current change will not impact our current customers. We still own the rights to use the names Etelesolv, Telemanager and TME. Etelesolv.com Inc. will become an alternate company name. We will be sending out official requests to all of our customers to use our new email addresses, company name and also the URL website. We are still supporting our current products: Telemanager and TME.

Our office location, phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged. The company will continue to operate in its current structure and your current contacts will remain the same. Our Customer success and sales team will continue supporting you with all of your requests.

What do you think the future holds for Cimpl?

The future is bright! It is one of continued growth. With our new name, it will be a lot easier for our partners, customers and stakeholders to remember our name and to spread the word. This is a trend we’ve seen growing since we’ve adopted the name for our product. Our audience associate it with the results they receive from using our products.

If I currently use Telemanager or TME, how will I be impacted by the name change?

They will be no impact. We will keep you informed through our Customer CimplConnected monthly newsletter of any changes as they are revealed.

If the company is called Cimpl, what is our software called?

Our software is also called Cimpl. We just want you to remember one name. Cimpl is the company and the product.

What are some of the changes we should watch out for?

Our employees email addresses will change. It will no longer be first initial last name @etelesolv.com but Firstname.lastname@cimpl.com. By implementing this new convention we are giving ourselves more room to grow. Our website will also now point back to www.cimpl.com instead of www.etelesolv.com.

What would you like your customers, partners and the public to know?

That we strive to be the best at what we do. The name change to Cimpl is to solidify our corporate identity around the current culture. It has been a long journey and I am glad to announce that we are now Cimpl, it truly personifies who we are as an organization. Our employees have shown us that they breathe our Core values in everything they do and in how they interact with our customers everyday.  

What does the new logo represent?

The new logo represents the brand promises of Cimpl. We help our customers connect all of the dispersed data associated with their telecom, IT and Cloud services. Through the connected data they can now clarify spend, the services as well as the asset information. Afterwards, it is easy to control spend by taking the right actions to reduce costs, save time and keep the inventory accurate.

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