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Cimpl has much to share.
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Being Canada's leader in IT and telecom expense management (TEM) means that Cimpl has a lot of insights, experiences, and knowledge to share.
On this page, you'll find links to webinars, case studies, and news stories about Cimpl and TEM.

Read on and enrich your knowledge!

*Please note that Etelesolv has changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016. Some of our resources still refer to Cimpl as Etelesolv.


Upcoming Webinars
Cimpl Training Series

Training Webinars

Register for our monthly training series today for a detailed walkthrough
of the Cimpl tool.

Join us on the first Thursday of each month at 2pm EST

On-Demand Webinars
2019 Product Roadmap Webinar

2019 Product Roadmap Webinar

What we've done in 2018, what's coming up in 2019 and understand our vision behind every enhancement.

Monthly Executive Report Webinar

Monthly Executive Report Webinar

Cimpl creates a detailed cost and savings breakdown – every month

configurable reports and scheduler

Configurable Reports & Scheduler

Configure detailed reports at no extra cost and schedule them for automation.


Dashboards & Role-Based Access

Learn how to centralize and visualize your data.

Checklist: Are Technology Expense Management Services Right for you?

TEM Checklist

Cimpl puts together a checklist for a quick analysis to consider Managed Services for your operations.

RFPs Question You Forgot to Ask

TEM RFPs: Questions You Forgot to Ask

RFPs giving you nightmare? These additional questions will help you see clearer and find true differences between vendor proposals in a TEM RFP.

What is UCC?

What is UCC Expense Management?

UCC expense management helps you gain visibility over the enterprise UCC assets and expenses, so you can optimize your company's usage and better manage the costs.


Cimpl Helps Businesses Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint: An AOTMP Whitepaper

Cimpl is growing along with the changing landscape of TEM. Businesses need to manage much more than telecom and mobile costs.


What is IT Expense Management?

Discover how managing IT expenses provides deeper insight into the overall IT environment.

What is WEM_EN

What is Wireless Expense Management (WEM)?

Learn about how WEM can help you manage and optimize the entire mobile fleet.

Telecom Expense Management

What is Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Understanding what TEM is, and how a TEM solution can provide cost savings, time savings, and an accurately managed inventory.

Bank Case Study

Bank Case Study

This three-part series outlines some important innovations developed for one of our biggest customers.

Globe and Mail: Moving from startup mindset to running the company

Moving from startup mindset to running the company

How Cimpl president and founder Christopher Thierry reinvented himself to save his company.


A Practical Guide to BYOD

BYOD is THE mobility trend in the business world. You need to make sure you know its every facet!

IT Cost Transparency

A Culture of IT Cost Transparency

Introducing cost transparency into your organizational culture can transform your business.

Blue Hill Research


Will Telecom Expense Management  Give You a Significant ROI?