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Why Choose Cimpl?

Take Back Control of your Enterprise Digital Footprint

Cimpl is here to help you take back control of your organization's technology expenses, and start managing the enterprise digital footprint. Cimpl’s Roadmap Beyond Telecom Expense Management will help you implement best practices from adjacent markets. Read more to learn about some of the benefits you’ll reap from using Cimpl in a self-managed environment, or by leveraging our Managed Services.

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Dashboards & Role-Based Access

At-a-glance dashboards for company-wide telecom and technology cost visibility.

The Dashboard module allows for employees, managers, MACDs and administrators to take back control of their telecom and technology costs. With graphically demonstrated data, dashboards make understanding and viewing data easier than ever. Combined with Cimpl’s role-based access, everyone in the company can be aware of their unique Employee Digital Trail, and act on it accordingly. Some key features of dashboards and role-  based access include:

  • At-a-glance visual representation of data.
  • Easily compare spending trends.
  • Keep track of ROI generated by initiatives in the platform.
  • Detect over-usage, cost spikes, and other irregularities.
  • Employees can view their own assets and costs.

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Configurable Reports                & Scheduler

Cimpl allows you to create and configure clear-cut reports at no extra cost - and with no waiting time.

Configurable reports provide the ability to view and share your data, your way. Users can access a built-in reports system, where they can create unique reports based on detail-oriented values and automate them as needed. Our new Report Scheduler module allows you to schedule reports to be sent out via email to specified contacts on a regular basis. Some key utilities of the configurable reports and scheduler include:

  • Easily reorganize and configure elements of reports as needed.
  • Automate reports to be sent out regularly at the frequency of your choosing.
  • Don’t wait around for reports: Configurable Reports are available anytime.
  • Export reports to Excel in .csv.


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Automate Ordering 

and Provisioning

Cimpl automates your work orders, workflows and approval processes.

Cimpl’s automation capabilities will enable your service desk to focus on critical requests, rather than manual processes.  By empowering employees to initiate telecom and wireless requests at the end-user level, and then automating the associated workflows, human errors are virtually eliminated and the procure-to-pay process is accelerated. So how does this process work?

  • Automated workflows and approval processes for requests are triggered for new orders, changes to existing services, and transfers of services to other employees or departments.
  • Remove the need to monitor email threads to confirm if a request has been approved.
  • The service desk is no longer a bottle neck for employee requests, and processing is now automated through Cimpl.
  • Our customers have automated over 68% of their managed mobility activities, freeing up IT resources, and reducing human error.
  • Cimpl tracks all time savings that are harnessed through workflow automation, giving you a clear picture of your ROI and time regained.

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software_cimplScreens_inventory.pngMaintain an Accurate Inventory

Cimpl drives cost recovery to the bottom line.

By enabling new operational efficiencies, organizations can better monitor and maintain an accurate inventory of all their telecom and wireless assets. Cimpl helps shift your organization’s culture toward the self-validation of inventory, ensuring that all employees are aware of what they are accountable for.  Here is what you can expect from Cimpl:
    • Track an asset’s entire lifecycle, from procurement, to payment, to retirement.
    • Maintain and score inventory through employee and end-user attestation.
    • Employees actively participate by confirming the assets and services assigned to them.
    • Manage more assets and services with less people hours.
    • Receive notifications on contract expiration, or device upgrade eligibility.
    • Reallocate and transfer unused assets, to eliminate unnecessary purchase requests, save money and time.
    • Drive cost recovery to the bottom line by facilitating the re-harvesting of services instead of buying new.
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software_cimplScreens_ROI.pngGet the Data You Need, 

When You Need it

See the ROI, Cimpl keeps track of the money and time you've saved.

 “If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it,” is a famous saying from Peter Drucker. You have the data you need, but you may not be harvesting it fully. Cimpl empowers you to properly view your data, understand it, and then take appropriate action. All your critical information, from multiple sources, is available in a single platform. The Cimpl Dashboard displays information across all sources and vendors, with easily-configurable reports to give you even more visibility. With the required business intelligence and reports at your fingertips, you can take action to:

  • Reduce the number of Zero usage services, including wireless, wireline, and IT assets.
  • Easily compare spending trends.
  • Detect over usage, cost spikes and inventory irregularities.
  • Verify and challenge suspicious-looking charges.
  • Keep track of the cost cutting and automation initiatives.
  • Demonstrate the value of Cimpl with our Monthly Executive Report.
  • Keep track of the ROI generated from the activities and initiatives in Cimpl.

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software_cimplScreens_expenses.pngAlter Consumption Behaviours

Cimpl empowers employees and managers to take action.

Cimpl shows employees what they are using and how much it costs. Managers and administrators also have access to this information so that they can monitor usage and stay informed of outliers. Employees and managers are empowered to take action, without having to involve the IT team, providing a direct impact on cost optimization. Cimpl helps encourage compliance by:

  • Providing visibility in Cimpl of assigned assets, services and costs to users and their managers.
  • Saving time through automated notifications, statement distribution and email scheduler.
  • Rapidly detecting out-of-compliance costs and prompting a corrective action right from the dashboard.
  • Presenting comparative trends and My Scorecard indicators to employees so they can benchmark their usage.
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software_cimplScreens_discrepancies.pngTrack Disputes to Resolution

Cimpl tracks the identification of discrepancies until they are resolved.

Disputing charges on invoices is unavoidable and time-consuming, but luckily this can be automated. With Cimpl, you are able to track tickets until they are resolved, directly within the platform. Employees can also easily flag the discrepancies when reviewing their individual monthly statements. If an employee identifies an inconsistency in their billing, they simply select the Contest feature, add a comment explaining the discrepancy, and submit it to the administrator for action. This helps uncover billing errors, eliminates late payment fees, and collects credits.

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software_cimplScreens_provider.pngStreamline Procurement
with your Providers

Cimpl eliminates the need for emails.

Accelerate your providers’ response time and sourcing capability with the Cimpl Provider Portal. By granting your vendors access to the Portal, you eliminate the need to communicate orders via email. All of your organization’s requests are presented in a centralized repository for your vendors to fulfill. Shorten the communication time for vendor orders, remove manual updates, and receive seamless support from your providers. The Cimpl Provider Portal offers:

  • Quick access to a report that clearly list all of your orders.
  • At-a-glance statistics on all orders. What is Due, overdue, sent, completed, etc.
  • The status of individual orders are color-coded for easy reference and tracking.
  • Your provider representative can take quick action on requests, add notes and process orders.
  • Near real-time communication between you and your providers

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Monthly Executive Report

Cimpl creates a detailed cost and savings breakdown – every month 

The Monthly Executive Report is designed to provide decision-makers with monthly highlights on savings – both actual and potential. It offers an extensive compilation of graphics and reports with expert recommendations based on an analysis of the cost and usage. The report has five major sections with many sub-reports that give an exhaustive breakdown of the monthly data.

It includes:

  • Inventory and cost summary
  • Identified inventory and cost anomalies
  • Top 20 services and costs
  • Current and potential savings
  • Account overview
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Why Choose Cimpl?

Cimpl is leading the Enterprise Digital Footprint revolution by equipping enterprises with the platform they need to manage the cost and usage from their telecom, IT, IoT and cloud inventory. Here is what some of our clients have to say about using our platform and services.

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