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General Questions

Where is Cimpl located?

The Montreal Head Office is located at 2409, 46th Avenue in Lachine, QC, Canada, H8T 3C9.

How can I contact Cimpl?

There are several ways to contact Cimpl.

Toll Free 1.866.982.8250
Montreal Head Office Tel.: 514.422.8250
Fax: 514.422.8081
Toronto 416.735.5464
Calgary 403.404.9273
Vancouver 866.982.8250
If you would prefer to have our sales team contact you, click here and fill out the form to provide us with your contact information so that we can get in touch.

When was Cimpl founded?

The company was founded in 2000 under the name Etelesolv. In 2016 the company changed its name to Cimpl and has since grown to be Canada’s leader in IT and telecom expense management.

Who is the President of Cimpl?

Christopher Thierry is the president, founder, and driving force behind Cimpl. His forward-looking vision helped propel the company from technology start-up to its current status as Canada's market leader in IT and telecom expense management software.

Find out more about Christopher Thierry and the rest of Our Leadership Team by visiting their biography page.

What is ETMA?

ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association, is an American non-profit organization with more than 30 corporate members. It both guides and is guided by TEM service providers. Through lobbying and grassroots advocacy, the association works to ensure that the voices of TEM providers are heard and to educate the public on the benefits and advantages of undertaking TEM.

What does being a member of ETMA mean?

As a full member of ETMA, Cimpl is committed to the mission and values of the organization. Cimpl is represented by our President, Christopher Thierry, who was elected as ETMA's Board Secretary in July, 2011. Christopher also co-authored the association’s code of ethics; he continues to serve as a member of ETMA's Ethics Committee. For more information, visit ETMA online.

Are there customer testimonials that I can read or watch?

Yes there are! All you need to do is click here to hear from our satisfied customers.

Is Cimpl a public or private company?

Cimpl is a private company.

How can I connect with Cimpl on social media?

To connect with us via social media, click on the various links seen below:

LinkedIn Cimpl, Telecom, IT and Cloud expense Management 


Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Etelesolv/158337417526958
Blog http://blog.cimpl.com/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/103728722124397773662?prsrc=3
Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/etelesolv/

What is an RFP?

RFP stands for Request for Proposal. An RFP is a process by which a company asks other companies to submit solutions to provide services and products in accordance with a wide range of specific characteristics. There are many steps to consider, such as planning the process, developing the RFP document, sending the RFP and analyzing it, and lastly, the final selection.

As part of an RFP process, a request for proposal (RFP) is a document bringing together several questions which vendors will answer. The entire document will represent the solution offered by a vendor. The document includes many sections and will change from one company and one RFP to the other. The usual sections can include an overview of the company’s needs, the response process, the technical requirements and the scope of work. In TEM, we could also find questions about the details of the implementation, the inventory management, the support offered, etc.

Employment Questions

How can I work at Cimpl?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cimpl team click here to see the positions currently available. If you are qualified for an available position, click on it and fill out the required fields and submit your application. We will contact you shortly thereafter.

What makes Cimpl stand out as an employer?

  • We invest in our employees
  • We adopt the latest technologies
  • We believe in work/life balance
  • We celebrate success
  • We have fun!

That’s why we’re one of Canada’s 50 Best Small and Medium Employers! Read more about this achievement here.

If you would like to learn more, look at our Our Core Values or see what Life @ Cimpl is all about.

Product Questions

What does TEM stand for?

TEM stands for ‘Telecom Expense Management’, one of the many solutions offered here at Cimpl. For more information regarding TEM click here.

What is TEM?

A Telecom Expense Management solution like Cimpl serves three broad purposes:

  • Cimpl is a telecom expense management software that makes IT managers’ lives easier by saving time, saving money, and helping manage an accurate telecom inventory.
  • Cimpl provides the interface and tools to empower all users to participate in the daily management of Telecom and wireless expenses.
  • Cimpl’s automation reduces time spent on necessary but menial and time-consuming tasks.

Learn more about TEM and how it can help your business!

For a more detailed look at Cimpl’s TEM software to see how it can provide a solution to your company’s needs, have our sales team give you a hands-on demo! Fill out the demo request form here.

What does WEM stand for?

WEM stands for Wireless Expense Management, also known as Mobile Expense Management or Mobility Expense Management. Cimpl can offer a WEM solution as part of our platform.

To learn more about Wireless Expense Management, click here.

What is WEM?

Wireless Expense Management provides 4 key benefits to businesses:

  • Reduce and optimize wireless expenses
  • Identify operational efficiencies
  • Improve mobile cost and usage visibility
  • Offer IT managers and employees alike better management and greater control over mobile voice and data services and devices.

Learn all about WEM and it’s mobile capabilities!

If you’re ready to see Cimpl’s WEM software in action, request a demo

What does EMM stand for?

EMM stands for ‘Enterprise Mobile Management’, one of the many solutions offered here at Cimpl. For more information regarding EMM click here.

What is EMM?

Cimpl is the enterprise mobile management system that gives you total visibility of your fleet of corporate devices. Cimpl gives you a 360° view of your mobility expenses, empowering both you and your employees to proactively self-manage you usage to drive down costs.

  • Cimpl gives you the tools to identify inefficient usage so that you can reduce overall mobility spending. Cimpl easily tracks your employees’ mobility usage.
  • With Cimpl, you’ll be able to actively manage mobile device usage and expenses.
  • With Cimpl, you’ll get the insight needed to craft and enforce best-practice usage policies – all while giving employees the ability to self-manage their mobile expenses.

For a more detailed look at Cimpl’s EMM software and the how it can provide a solution to your company’s needs click here. To have our sales team give you a hands-on demo, fill out the demo request form here.

What does ITEM stand for?

It stands for IT Expense Management, and provides businesses with a clear outlook over the entire IT environment. For all of the details on what ITEM is and the value it brings, click here.

What is ITEM?

IT Expense Management helps businesses gain deeper insight into their IT costs and assets. Overall, it's designed to:

  • Manage your IT costs and budget
  • Easily analyze your data surrounding IT
  • Automate lengthy processes
  • Keep the IT inventory in check 

For an in-depth look at ITEM and the kind of value it brings, take a look at our free ePaper.

What is MACD?

Learn more about "MACD" and other important IT and telecom acronyms by reading our blog post on 12 Telecom Acronyms You Need to Know.   

What is PRI?


Learn more about "PRI" and other important IT and telecom acronyms by reading our blog post on Telecom Management Acrimonious Acronyms.

Is there training available for the Cimpl software?

Yes! After implementing Cimpl, every customer has access to a ton of resources.

The first is our Online User Guide, which can be accessed directly through Cimpl with the "Help" tab on the bottom right of your computer screen.

We also offer free training webinars, on the first Thursday of each month. In these 30-minute sessions we go through a section of Cimpl and present How To's, tips & tricks and best practices to ensure you make the most out of your platform. You can register for the next webinar, or watch our previous sessions in our Online User Guide.

And as always, if you need further assistance, our award-winning Customer Success team is there for you.

What does UCC stand for?

UCC stands for Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Unified Communications and Collaboration is the integration of typical methods of communication, such as email, text, voice, and more into one consolidated tool.

What is UCC Expense Management?

UCC Expense Management is the management of all the costs and assets associated with Unified Communications and Collaboration tools. Gaining visibility into and taking control over your UCC environment comes with the following benefits:

  • Allocation of costs to the right departments and business units
  • Monitoring of UCC usage and activity
  • Prevention of fraud and security breaches

For more information, access our ePaper on UCC Expense Management.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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