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Your Roadmap Beyond Telecom Expense Management

Manage your Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF)


How do I get started?

We’ve developed the Roadmap beyond Telecom Expense Management with you in mind. Even though you might be looking for a very simple way to start managing your telecom expenses, over the years we’ve developed a way to help our customers save money, time and manage an accurate inventory beyond TEM by applying best practices from adjacent markets. This is our recommended roadmap, it is a reflection of the progress many of our customers have taken with Cimpl. IT is not applicable to all of them. Some of our customers started at a different point on the road, and that is ok.
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2019 Product Roadmap Webinar
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Wireless Expense Management

HR / Invoices are loaded, validated and reconciled. Transition the operations and administration of mobile fleet. Repurpose FTEs.



Manual processes are progressively automated. Send invoices. Approval processes. Employee loads and AP files are automated.

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Telecom, UCC and IT

Centralize the management of all assets in one system. Cost optimization of services.

Seamless Business Unit Accountability.png

Seamless Business Unit Accountability

Provide access to the centralized repository for all business unit managers to create a culture of Cost Transparency.

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Usage Management

Give employees data on their technology consumption. The Employee Digital Trail enables the self-regulation and alters usage behaviours.

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Enable Social IT

Crowdsource the procurement of IT, reduce calls to helpdesk. 
Enable Self-service for all IT.

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Map and automate workflows.
Chargeback costs to the business units.  
Manage your technology providers in one Integrated Ecosystem.

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Business Intelligence

Empower the entire organization to manage the enterprise digital footprint. Use Actionable Data Analytics.


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