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Code of Ethics

ETMA's Standards

We adhere to the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) Code of Ethics

Our Guidelines

As a member of TEMIA (the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association), Cimpl is committed to adhering to an Ethics Code that is shared with other members of TEMIA and the market. The TEMIA Ethics Code has been communicated to all of our current employees and we ensure that they all adhere to it.

  1. Cimpl observes generally-accepted standards of accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, sales, and all other forms of communication. All of our content in all forms represent statements of fact - thereby making statistics and implied comparisons empirically testable.
  2. Cimpl is committed to disclosing any potential conflicts of interest to clients. Anything which may be perceived as being in conflict with our duty to clients, including payments from parties associated with service delivery, will be disclosed to our customers.
  3. Cimpl does not offer payments or gifts to clients or potential clients as a reward for their business.
  4. Cimpl is dedicated to acting with professionalism and to dealing fairly with past and present clients, fellow TEMIA members, and the general public.
  5. Our strengths differentiate Cimpl; we will not disparage competitors or other industry participants in order to sign new contracts.
  6. We treat our competitors as we ourselves would want to be treated.
  7. Cimpl safeguards the confidentiality of present and former clients, and we do not accept retainers which may involve the disclosure or use of these confidences to the disadvantage or prejudice of such clients.
  8. Prior to the commencement of client engagements, Cimpl will establish clear definitions of the services and products to be provided, draft clear and precise contracts, and make the client aware of the fee structure and all associated costs.

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