Cimpl Vision

Create a sustainable culture around technology expense management. 

Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint

It’s no secret that for businesses to compete, they must invest in technology. At no point in our history has the speed of technological adoption been so fast, so expensive, and so dramatic to our company’s very survival. The winners and loser of this modern economy are often those that innovate and evolve the fastest.   

Digital Enterprises will continue to add and optimize unified communications, mobile, SaaS applications, and IoT technologies well into the future. However, in this mad rush to innovate and transform their business, the controls are overlooked, security ignored, rogue end-user behavior tolerated, and cost overruns the norm.   

Cimpl has dedicated ourselves to solving these problems and lead the revolution in the management of the Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF). The EDF is our vision of how modern, flexible IT asset and expense management should work for the Digital Enterprise by helping companies answer some basic questions about their technology expenses. “What do people have?” “What does it cost?” & “Do they still need it?”

These questions have led us to develop the Cimpl Platform and our Managed Services around 5 key principals: 

  1. Cost Transparency: See who and what things cost.
  2. Employee Digital Trail: See how things are used.
  3. Social IT: Empower end-users to self-serve and take action.
  4. Integrate Eco-System: Integrate your suppliers and key business systems.
  5. Actionable Analytics: Ability to filter, report, analyze, compare and enforce.

Using these principals, Cimpl is helping to free companies of their dependence on manual processes by empowering end-users with the information they want, while ensuring companies have the controls they require.

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Cimpl is leading the Enterprise Digital Footprint revolution by equiping enterprises with the platform they need to manage the cost and usage from their telecom, IT, IoT and cloud inventory. Here is what some of our clients have to say about using our platform and services.

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